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Flash Game: Sasori's Fall by FancyPancakes

This is an awesome game xD I loved it. Vision: The drawings are great, and it's smooth and awesome to run. Originality: Meh, it's anoth...

With every sunset there is a sunrise... by NikkiiChi

Okay then! Here we go... Vision - I truly love this piece, I truly do. I love how there are individual blades of grass, and I love the ...




So yeah I had a break up yesterday. Don't worry about me, I'm okay; it was very mutual and agreed upon, we're sure we can still be friends etc etc. And don't worry, this journal's not about that. It's about something I've been thinking about for a while, but I guess I've only just been prompted to talk about it.

So I've had the philosophy for a long while now that life is such a weird thing that there's no point in wondering where the universe came from or what happens when you die. It's a very selfish mantra to have, but I believe that since life is so weird, you may as well make it exciting and take some opportunities - don't just spend it being okay or content. Recently, though, I guess I've developed upon that. Yes, life should be exciting and better than okay, but of course there are going to be downers within that oh-so-special life of yours.

This is where the next part kicks in: you've probably heard a phrase something along the lines of 'life isn't a movie' or 'life's no fairly tale'. Well I like to think that life is your movie. Your fairytale. Of course there's not gonna be pathetic fallacy or sunset silhouettes, but I figure that at the end of your life, when you're lying on your deathbed, you should be able to think back through all your memories since you were a kid, and there should be a pretty entertaining story in that. 

I guess in short, what I'm trying to say is that trying to make life brilliant and care-free is never gonna happen, so you may as well try and make it exciting and embrace the not so happy exciting times.


Emoticon Avatar by Manectricity
Yeah so the title pretty much says it all...
Avatars are also cheap, just so ya know. I can do an avatar of anything, provided it's not drawing, but rather spriting or pixel work.
Micro-Me by Manectricity
Connor Micro by Manectricity
So micros are like sprites, but more realistic and generally larger. They take a lot of work, so I would say 10 points is pretty generous, especially since it's the lowest charge rate allowed.


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United Kingdom
Hey there, person! I'm Harry, but call me Mane if you don't feel that close to me, I really don't mind.

I'm an micro specialist, along with the occasional sprite or scene.

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